Le Bozec Filtration Systems

Le Bozec Filtration Systems


CAGE: F0218

Le Bozec Filtration & Systems (and the other divisions of the Donaldson Aerospace group) have agreed that AD-S&Co will have  full distributionship on the global market for rotary wing support of aircrafts such as: Eurocopter, Sikorsky, Bell, or Westland rotorcraft. Chances are good that above mentioned helicopters where delivered with    Donaldson and Le Bozec  filters, strainers, valves, regulators and demisters provide protection of fluid circuits on aircraft. We continue to work with the leading rotorcraft manufacturers to develop products which meet the stringent operating requirements of rotary wing aircraft.Le Bozec

Barrier Filters
Barrier filters like Vee-Pacs, round, Konepac™ conical and panel filters meet stringent efficiency, weight and space requirements. We have more than 50 years of experience designing and supplying barrier filters and air cleaners for aircraft and military vehicles requiring high performance filtration. Our filters can be designed in a variety of sizes and filter media choices to meet a wide range of applications.

Inertial Particle Separator Systems with Strata® Tubes
Air particle separators with Donaldson’s specially designed Strata tubes spin contaminants out of incoming air, providing reliable, low maintenance air filtration for every space requirement and performance level. Easily combined with other filtration methods, Strata tubes help make highly effective, low cost filter systems that remove up to 99 percent of contaminants from the air stream.

The cooperation consists of promotion and stocking distribution of the Donaldson Aerospace filter range for helicopter and military applications covering the following manufacturers: Le Bozec filtration (cage code F0218) Western filter (cage code 13520) This new combination will strengthen the presence of the Donaldson companies and AD-S&Co in the helicopter market and this combination will strengthen the presence of the Donaldson companies and AD-S&Co in the helicopter market and help improve the lead-times due to stock availability based on customer requirements, information feedback and overall customer satisfaction.

During the coming Heli-Expo 2013 in Las Vegas AD-S&Co will further promote the cooperation. You are welcome to visit us at our booth nr C2514. Or contact your ADS&Co representative.